“Bringing people with literature and knowledge.”

About Us

The Mukherjee Publishing established for the development of Indian Languages and the cultural activities among the ordinary Indian people. It also wish to spread the knowledge as it is the key of humanity. We publish selected books in Bengali and English languages.This includes literature,science,etc.Just we have started (in 2010-11) publishing books in HINDI and other regional languages of India. Mukherjee Publishing is not merely the name of a publication, it means a movement and source of dynamism in the thinking and creative world wherever language is not a barrier.

Our Business

We mainly publish literature books, computer books, research based books, science books, competitive examination books, text books, reference books. We have a wide range of experience in printing. By efficient and modern technology we can able to print anything. We also translate any Indian language and transfer them into printing form.

Empowering minds

  • India’s quality publishing and education services enterprise.

  • Long years of market leadership, community development and social service.

  • Long number of titles in print with over bestsellers in each category.

  • Educational books from Pre-Primary to Post-Graduate level.

  • Many distributors, booksellers and retailers strong network across the country.

  • Distributor of the most popular monthly Bengali magazine ‘PUNASCHA’.